Cold beer – as easy as digging a hole!

1: Dig a hole

Find the perfect spot. Dig a hole – a nice hole. Enjoy your masterpiece. Take a picture and hang it in the tool shed. Put the barrel in the hole – it fits perfectly!


2: Fill up your Cool-Well

Fill the insertion with warm beers and let them go to sleep below the earth’s cooling surface. Strew the excess soil along the hedge and all tracks are covered up.


3: Enjoy a cold one!

Invite the guys over for a walk in the garden, and conjure your refreshing beers out of the ground. The boys are impressed. A great evening has begun!


Handy eco-cooling

Cool-Well is the fastest way to cool drinks – in the garden, at the cottage and on the beach. Once you’ve dug down your Cool-Well, you’re ready to make the most of natural earth cooling, and provide yourself and your family and friends with cool drinks at the barbecue or on a hot summer day at the beach. And if your refrigerator is too small, Cool-Well can keep your food cool as well.

Cool-Well can be used 24-7, all summer with a clear conscience. Cool-Well needs no electricity – only natural earth cooling. Cool-Well is eco-friendly, practical and great!

Cool-Well consists of a container to dig down, a removable insert of three stories with room for 24 cans (0.33 / 0,5cl) or 8 beer bottles and1 bottle of wine (75 cl), or various packaged foods and vegetables. The lid is tightly sealed and insulated.

Cool-Well measures 30x30x50 cm (BxLxH) and is made of recycled plastic.

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